A house is not just a place to live and rest but an essential component in shaping family life. It is a space for everyone to collectively grow and hold on to important memories. For those who are looking for elegance and modern living right in the heart of the city, Areeya will be your dream home.

Mission Statement

1. The company will specialize in properties right in the heart of the city, focusing on prime locations within the business districts that has access to efficient transport systems. Our buyers will be able to choose and customize their homes at their own choice whether it be tiles, amenities, etc. We will make sure that the detail in construction will be met with the highest quality, from wiring through to ceiling height. We will make sure that we are competitive in our pricing based on location and costs.

2. The company will maintain a good brand image and create greater public exposure through different media outlets.

3. The company will adhere to the policies of the Thai Stock Exchange through internal policies ensuring Good Corporate Governance. We will focus on selecting the most appropriate Board of Directors to maintain excellent business transparency to the public.